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Our Program

College Bound Academy is a high-performing, public charter school serving scholars in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade across its two Tulsa campuses. The school’s instruction model, culture and staff are dedicated to removing barriers and helping all students achieve success. As a charter school, we operate with the freedom to try new things quickly, innovatively and collaboratively to share best practices with our scholars and community. We work together to complement Tulsa Public School’s mission to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals, and make positive contributions to our world. We use five key instructional and cultural components to fulfill our mission and toensure the success of all scholars.


1: Outstanding Teaching - We will recruit and develop a high capacity staff. We will provide at least 20 days of professional development annually and weekly development sessions. Teachers will be observed weekly and given immediate feedback supporting a professional culture of continuous improvement.  We will prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion development.

2: More Time - To close the gap that forms between scholars in low-income areas and their more affluent peers by Kindergarten, we will offer a longer school day (7:50 am to 3:30 pm) and school year (180 days).  This equates to providing over 250 more instructional hours annually than a traditional school calendar, amounting to at least 30 additional instructional days. We will extend literacy and math instruction, implement a character development curriculum and provide differentiation.

3: Literacy Focus - Scholars will receive at least 150 minutes of literacy instruction each day with additional time for writing instruction. All K-2 scholars will receive two reading small groups daily. 

4: Rigorous Curriculum - CBA has chosen standards-aligned curricula to provide an equitable and aligned program for all scholars. Curricula are carefully chosen to be culturally relevant, display character diversity, and to infuse science and social studies into literacy. 

5: Data-Driven Decisions - We utilize assessment tools to monitor scholar achievement. Staff engages in data analysis after each assessment, with teachers using best practices to inform their instruction and leaders creating focused training as needed.


1: Mission-Driven Culture - The college mission will be seen, heard and felt in every part of the school's culture. College will be heard in school chants, cheers, and school wide language. 

2: High Expectations with Joy - Finding joy in the hard work of learning is a key driver for a positive, high-achieving school and classroom. Members of College Bound Academy will hold high expectations for scholars within a warm and strict environment. 

3: Character Development - Character development will built around our core values and supporting the social-emotional development of each child.  This includes an enrichment class devoted to social-emotional learning.

4: Families as Partners - Families and teachers will work together to support scholar development.  Starting with Home Visits for all new families and annual Family Orientations, we will engage families in conversations about ambitious learning goals for their scholars. Families will receive progress updates through ongoing communication, report cards, and conferences. 

5: Structure and Systems - There will be structures and systems for every part of a College Bound Academy education. We will have consistent procedures and routines for scholars and staff to maximize learning time, give stability and clarity to all learners, and reinforce the urgent nature of our work.