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Board Meeting Schedule

College Bound Academy Board Board of Education holds monthly regular meetings. Meetings will be held at CBA at either the Eastside Campus, located at 2525 S. 101st. East Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129, or the Brookside Campus, located at 1110 E. 45th Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145.

All regular meetings are open to the public and a portion of the agenda will be dedicated to public comments. Anyone wishing to make a public comment must notify the CBA Board Clerk by email of their intent to offer public comments and the subject of those comments at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. For individuals wishing to address the board, they will be limited to 5 minutes of air time if in person and present for the meeting. The address will be timed and when the 5 minutes conclude, the board will move on to the next comment or agenda item. For those wishing to address the board who are unable to attend, they must send their comment via email to the CBA Board Clerk 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

CBA Board Clerk: Daisy Salgado-Garay at

2024 College Bound Academy
Regular Board Meeting Schedule

January 23, 5:30pm, Eastside Campus
February 20, 5:30pm, Eastside Campus
March 26, 12:00pm, Eastside Campus
April 23, 5:30pm, Brookside Campus
May 21, 5:30pm, Brookside Campus
June 11, 12:00pm, Brookside Campus
July 23, 5:30pm, Eastside Campus
August 20, 5:30pm, Eastside Campus
September 17, 12:00pm, Eastside Campus
October 8, 5:30pm, Brookside Campus
November 12, 5:30pm, Brookside Campus
December 10, 12:00pm, Brookside Campus

The Oklahoma Open Meeting Act and the Oklahoma Open Records Act follow state laws. 70 0.S. § 3-136 A (16).

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes