Dean of Scholar Services

The Dean of Support Services oversees Special Education Services and English Language Learning Services. The Dean coordinates all outside support services for students, including Speech, OT & PT. The Dean is also responsible for managing IEPs and all Scholar Advancement Teachers and Paraprofessionals. The Dean coordinates assessments, screening and testing for scholars on or potentially on IEPs. The Dean manages the RTI process for each grade level. He or She is responsible for coaching and supporting special education teachers, interventionists and paraprofessionals.

Join a groundbreaking faculty of teachers and leaders who are committed to closing the achievement gap and raising the bar for all children.

• Develop staff in furthering the depth of scholar needs, supports, accommodations and learning styles.

• Go above and beyond to consistently innovate and improve one's practice and that of their teammates.

• Collaborate with fellow teachers and leaders through the sharing of best practices through modeling, video-sharing lessons and side by side practice.

• Give and receive in the moment feedback and support from the school leadership team and teacher leaders.

• Model exceptional organizational strengths in both time management and balancing various work streams.

Unique responsibilities of this role include:

  • Testing Coordination: ELL Testing

  • Testing Coordination: SPED

  • RTI Meetings & Coordination

  • Interventionists- Coordination & Schedule

  • Manage OT/PT/Speech all related services

  • Coach SPED Teachers

  • Coach Interventionists

  • Coach Paraprofessionals

  • Federal & State Special Education Reporting

  • OSTP Testing Coordination (school-wide)

  • Outside Service Provider Coordination