Scholar Advancement Teacher (SPED Teacher)

The Scholar Advancement Teacher works with the Dean of Scholar Services to provide special education services and english language services for scholars. The Scholar Advancement Teacher will focus on providing academic support for scholars in a resource setting and within the general education classroom. The scholar advancement teacher is also responsible for writing and managing IEPs for scholars who are on their caseload. The Scholar Advancement Teacher will ensure that accommodations and modifications outlined in scholar’s IEPs are being followed in all educational settings.


  • Teach scholars on caseload, by executing multiple content blocks in small groups daily utilizing a combination of scripted curriculum and plans

  • Assist general education teachers by Administer Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment, Individual assessments in data binders, Literacy First Phonics screener, and curriculum assessments throughout the year

  • Analyze MAP and STAR data to identify trends, inform instruction, and intervene individually and in small groups

  • Provide Testing accommodations as needed for scholars on caseload

  • Leverage instructional technology to provide targeted instruction for scholars

  • Assist general education teachers as needed with grading and entering assessments into bullseye

  • Read, understand, and adhere to all CBA Policies - i.e. Staff Handbook, Family Handbook, etc.

  • Communicate with families monthly by call, email, or note about scholar academic and behavior bright spots and challenges

  • Provide resources for families as needed - sight word flashcards, modified Life’s Work, etc.

  • Lead Family Report Card Conferences 2 times per year

  • Participate in Professional Development (Summer PD, On-going PD throughout the year)

  • Participate in a one on one Coaching and development process,

  • Participate in Weekly Data Meetings, Weekly Team Meetings & Execution Clinics

  • Guide the academic and social-emotional development of some of all scholars on caseload

  • Incorporate life skills, manners, core values, social skills, coping skills into daily lessons

  • Receive in the moment feedback and support from the school leadership team.

  • Collaborate with fellow teachers through the sharing of best practices

  • Have a sense of urgency while remaining detail oriented; thinking critically about the details of a task at hand and planning in order to meet project timelines to drive real-time progress.

  • Have a flexibility to adjust priorities with changing tasks and schedules as needed.

  • Maintain compliant standing with all paperwork by completing IEPs within applicable timelines

  • assist Dean of Scholar Services with ELL testing