Associate Elementary Teacher (K-3) 2018-19

An Associate Teacher takes responsibility for supporting all the teachers and scholars in that grade. They are charged with teaching whole and small group lessons and maintaining a strong growth curve in their teaching progress. Associate Teachers begin the year supporting behavior and leading small group literacy lessons. Eventually, they will take on more content leading as the year progresses. Associates do not begin with planning responsibilities, but will be given planning responsibilities at the end of the year if they are applying for a Lead Teacher position the following school year. Associate Teacher candidates must intend to become lead teachers within a year or two at College Bound.


Job Outputs

1.  Achievement of Teacher status after 1-2 year.

2.  Demonstration of a warm/strict classroom culture and discipline issues are eventually limited to outliers.

3.  Demonstration of student growth in literacy small group settings.

4.  Demonstration of student growth through interventions.

5.  Demonstration of student growth in large group settings.



·    Ability to work collaboratively and without ego.

·    Ability to take and implement feedback.

·    Ability to work with and to support multiple teachers at once.

·    Willingness to work relentlessly

·    Strong relationship builder with students, families, and other staff members.

·    Self-reflective and a drive to continually grow as a teacher.

·    Organized and timely.

·    Willingness to step in as lead teacher when absences arise.



·    Executes engaging, rigorous small group lesson plans in given subject area.

·    Creates a warm and strict classroom culture.

·    Intervenes and supports severe behavior needs, minimizing the impact of behavior outliers.

·    Steps in for any teachers when they are absent.

·    Supports teachers in assessing and remediating students in responsible grade level.



1.      Teaching certification, or work towards certification.